Do you go to the zoo?

Have you been to the “Human zoo” yes they did exist a century ago and now you are probably thinking “how insane?”, if not trust me you ought to be insane. (The image below shows little girl exhibited in Brussels, Belgium.)

This is one of the most disturbing photographs I have ever seen, the little girl being held captive and exhibited to amuse the rich visitors and their kids,a sheer display of dominance of one part of the world on the other; so called underprivileged nations. Well racism still exists but at least the human exhibitions does not exist anymore.

And I’m more than just happy that the human zoos have been closed down, I also ask for closing down of animal zoos around the world, I’m not asking for more am I? I can not see one real purpose of their existence, please don’t tell me it is for animal conservation — one can’t protect animals by merely staring at them.

Taking animals away from their natural habitats putting them in confined space killing their natural instincts is absolutely brutal. If human zoos are racist then animal zoos are speciesist.

We are one of the species on earth — not the only one; we ought to share the world with the other creatures and learn to share the space not confine them to enclosures. We don’t own the planet we can not / should not decide where these animals should live.

In places where there is Man-Animal conflict why do we always pull the animal away and let man survive, humans are the most invasive species on earth (next only to mosquitoes and I hate this species too), we have occupied all corners of the planet, wouldn’t it make more sense if we migrate away from the conflict zone?

I just want the zoos to close down and open the gates to let the animals roam free in the wild, where they display their real majesty and charm. Next time you plan a trip to the zoo, think again — are you doing the right thing?

“Lion is the king of the jungle and don’t you dare exhibit the king.”

-Alex (Alakay from Madagascar)


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